The first draft of the manuscript is almost finished

My Dear Aengels,

I have been absent for quite  while
But it has not been without reasons
Due to the whole diabetes scare  in november of last year
I had taken some time of the get dailed in to my medication.
As soon as i was dailed in i got back to  writing
going at it like a mad man and writing  a chapter a day
Introduced some really interesting characters
and taking the story to the next level.
As i am a firm believer that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
As i think about it if i had kept on writing at the pace that i was the manuscript would have been finished by now, But it would have been a whole different story!
I am really contect with where the story has gone over time.
I still need to  finish the last couple chapters  of the first draft
In the mean time my Beta pool has given me allot of great feedback that i can use during the rewriting phase
I expect the first draft to be finished by the end of this month
But there has been some very exciting envolvements  that i can not  tell you to much about just yet   but i will update you guys soon



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