Beta Chapter 3 Finally Finished!

Dear Aengels,

I am proud to anounce that with the help of Hailey George, I have finally managed to finish up the last beta chapter that is going to be available for you Aengels to read on the site.
From now on all of the new chapters will be available once the book is finished.  Except for the lucky readers in my beta and proofread pool.
I have had ton of great feedback from Hailey , Jeffrey Debris, Elftheria and Patty van Delft to where i feel comfortable to finish the first draft of the manuscript and build from there.
I also have a realy clear fision of where the story is going so i hope to surprise you all  with the first instalment of the Trilogie.
I hope you enjoy the beta chapters, and i will try to keep you guys updated as freqeuntly as possible even though i am super bussy planning my wedding.






ps: here is beta chapter 3 for all of you that might have already read the first 2 beta chapters , for you who haven’t you can find them  by clicking ISolation beta chapters on the left top corner next to Biography. ( and for the mobile users by pressing the menu and following the same steps)

Beta chapter 3

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