Beta Chapter 3 is coming, and i am getting married!

Dear Aengels,

It has been a while since we last spoke, how are you doing?
I have been doing fine i just have been really busy.
Besides from working on the ISolation Beta chapters I have also embarked on some sideprojects, plus there is a big change coming in life in the form of a wedding!
Anouska & me are busy planning our  wedding which is suposed to take place on the 18th of October  on the beautifull Island of Curacao on the Dutch Antilles.
Apart from that  my dear friend/mentor/maid of honor at our wedding Patty van Delft has finished the last installment in her Trilogy Drägan Duma.
Which started one of my side projects the music for the Drägan Duma booktrailer ( which i had already started on before Black crystal had come out ) but I really had to  step up my game once the Trilogy was done.
So i teamed up  with Kenji Ishimine an amazing musician and Metal artist  from Kanagawa Japan.
and we totally rocked that booktrailer.
I worked from our Infected by Nature studio in The Hague, while he shredded from their studio in Japan.

The making of the Drägan Duma booktrailer
The making of the Drägan Duma booktrailer

and the result is just pure awsomeness!

So if you dont have yourself a copy yet of Drägan Duma go pick yourself one up at a Dutch (online)bookstore.

Apart from working on the Drägan Duma  booktrailer and planning a wedding that is just a little bit over 2 months away. I have also started Vlogging my journey to hopefully become a published author when the Isolation manuscript is all said and done ( rewritten/revisions/grammarnazied/formatted) and the whole shebang.
Which i am also in the process of making it  less AWKWARD and trying to raise the production value ( the vlog that is )

I have also had a spurt of amazing ideas for  a couple of books that i am slowly frameworking!so i havent really been sitting still, Hailey also has not been sitting still she has already editted more then half of  beta chapter 3 but its coming along slower then the previous beta chapters because she is also dealing with allot of awsomeness in her beginning writing carreer. but we are working hard to get you the last beta chapters A.S.A.P

The promotion train for the Drägan Duma Trilogy has also slowly started moving and picking up steam which i am also involved with! I have been writing a new sub chapter and am slowly starting on the chapter after that so ISolation is still going strong.
you Aengels will hear from me soon




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