Finished Beta chapter 3, Book Presentation Dragan Duma het zwarte kristal and more

Dear Aengels,

It has been a while  since we have last talked to one another.
Allot has happend  in that month of radio silince, but it includes allot of awsomeness.

First of my Dragon sister/mentor/dear friend and best (wo)men at my upcomming wedding , Patty van Delft has  done it again. she has finished the third and last instalment of  her Dragan Duma Trilogy!
Which consists  of  Dragan Duma She who listens, Dragan Duma Allies and Traitors , and Dragan Duma the Black Crystal . ( litteral translations from dutch )
Now  the challenge is on getting an English translation and  bringing Dragan Duma to the masses.
I have already slightly embarked on  this little challenge, which has slowed down  Isolation just a little bit.
But i love being envolved in working on the English translation of  the first Dragan Duma instalment, and hopefully we can bring you the full english version as soon as possible.

My dear friend Jeffrey Debris has also collaborated with Patty on a lecture called from Fan to Fiction at the second edition of Squeeckers, which was a small convention for fan fiction writers and everyone who loves to be creative when it comes to fanfiction/writing novels/drawing/ anime & manga and so on.
The lecture  focussed on helping these  creative minds who like to make fan fiction, to stimulate them and giving them the handles they need to   work towards  and maybe making their own stories which might lead to  a full manuscript and possibly getting their work published in the future.

Lecture from Fan to Fiction by Jeffrey Debris and Patty Van Delft


setting up shop at Squeeckers Second Edition IMG_7755


The almost finished Trilogy of Dragan DumaIMG_7756


Team Celtica  with  some sneaky ISolation promotionIMG_7761


Jeffrey is not only an amazing published writer but also very good at giving lecturesIMG_7765


Patty lecturing  the  new generation of writers at SqueeckersIMG_7769

It has been a very bussy couple of weeks as  I also made my way towards the Book presentation of  the last instalment of the Dragan Duma  Trilogy ” Dragan Duma Het zwarte kristal”
Which is in stores  since Yesterday the 6th of  June 2016 and is rapidly taking over the internetz.

The book presentation was at de drieluik  in the keppler street in The Hague
from the outside you would of not known how amazing  the location of the book presentation was.
As from the outside it looked al modern but the moment you passed the treshold it was like you had just walked into  a more modern version of Dragan Duma as if  the two worlds had colided and had perfectly merged inside de drieluik.
It was a very amazing afternoon where Family, Friends and Fans co-existed in an amazing event  which marked the ending of an amazing journey and Trilogy  and the start of something that could become Greatness and maybe a best seller in the making.
Only time will tell and we are hoping for some great revieuws in the next couple of weeks for the new instalment.
and the only thing i would like to spoil  to you all is the honorable mention i got from Patty in her words of gratitude of the black crystal, YES  achievement unlocked, my name in a published book!

Le entrance



signing is part of tje J.O.BIMG_7824


center court yard at de drieluik03


Patty van Delft  her Trilogy in its full glory  with amazing cover art by the amazing Dominik Broniek_MG_7855


when there is something to celebrate there shall be cake a trilogie of cake!_MG_7850


Patty signing  books with at her side her proud Publisher “Rianne Lampers”_MG_7857


Jeffrey Debris and his  Si-Fy Fantasy novel The Fall of Netherea.09


Jeffrey signing his book10


Friends and supporters of Dragan Duma 13346149_665946203546495_1916915417877942496_o


Patty and her husband Danny 26


Team Awsome do i need to say more? 13392244_665946046879844_8649474837229302324_o

After all this crazyness and these amazing weeks i have finished the final beta chapters  of my Beta chapters  that will be making their way on to the Blog as soon as possible.
They are now in the more then capable hands of Hailey George, and Jeffrey Debris  who is also one of my mentors and trust me the force is strong with this one!

I shall speak to all of you soon as the last Beta chapters will be making their way towards you soon!






2 thoughts on “Finished Beta chapter 3, Book Presentation Dragan Duma het zwarte kristal and more”

  1. Aengelheart Engelhardt, Thank you for all you said about Patty & Jeffrey & their new books, their talk & presentation, the great photo shots here & even word of your English translation in the works! I didn’t know that! Many thanks for this. A friend of Patty, Phil

    1. Hello phil nice to see you have found your way towards my blog.
      And credit needs to be where credit is due. I take of my hat of to patty for persevering and i am mostly proud of her of what she has achieved. I learn a great lot from her and Jeff everyday and am one of their supporters and always promote their works where ever i can, thank you for your kind words
      Patty and Danny will be my man and woman of honor at our wedding in the caribean in October i am so PSYCHED!

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