New Beta Chapters slowly making their way towards YOU and the importancance of taking time off

Dear Aengels,

Sorry for the month of complete silence, it must feel like i have fallen of the map or had a falling out with my passion for writing.
But i have not been sitting still at all, i have been a busy little worker bee.
In the past month i have been  taking some time off from writing, to presue some other projects that i  have been working on, and  a lot of research  for ISolation and  making promotional pieces .
I have been working on some musical projects with this talented dutch 15 year old rapper Maurice the kid.
And i am also working on a Dragan Duma Theme song, as my dear friend and now  Dragon Sister Patty Van Delft is finishing up the last installment  in her  Trilogy ” Dragan Duma ” called the black crystal.

I am really sad and glad at the same time that i took some time off as it has given me  time to put things back in perspective, but at the cost of  things that have been happening like the  Terrorist attacks by ISIS on the 22th of March in Brussels. but  i think it has been quite essential to taking a break as their have ben new waves of inspiration because of these new events. ( the first draft of the manuscript is now   half way done ) so im already half  way their sort of speak.

I am still working hard and that has also been confirmed by Hailey George my editor

“Hailey George Quote”
“Hi, thank you! Things are moving along, but proof reading ISolation has been a little slow because u have been really busy. I will try to get a chunk of it done this weekend. I had a great Easter, thanks for asking. How was yours”

Hailey and me are working to get you the new Beta chapters as soon as possible  for you to  enjoy and read.

Dont forget  to also Pick up  the amazing Dragan Duma Trilogy if you are a Young Adult or Fantasy fanatic   ( the books are still only in dutch ) the english translation is in the making

Dragan Duma Trilogy by Patty Van Delft
Dragan Duma Trilogy by Patty Van Delft

And if you are  more interested a English read  that is  Science Fiction sprinkled with some Fantasy,  i also got your back.
Because  my brother from another mother Jeffrey Debris,  is also working hard on the second Installment  in his The Shaedon Resurgance series.
But it would be blasphemy of interstellar proportions   to sit around and wait till the second installment makes its  way towards you, without reading  the first installment  The fall of Netherea.

The fall of Netherea by Jeffrey Debris
The fall of Netherea by Jeffrey Debris

Support these amazing writers by purchasing a copy of their amazing work at  Celtica Publishing Website

Last but not least here is a promotional pieces that i have done for ISolation  and as i might have mentioned most of the new Beta chapters are now in the more then capable hands of  my editor Hailey George .

Isolation Promotional piece made by Aengelheart
Isolation Promotional piece made by Aengelheart

I have now informed you of the most things that i tought you Aengels shoud know  untill you read again





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