ISolation Update other projects and how mac osx El Capitan doubled my productivity

Dear Aengels

It has been a while,  i was wanting to tell you guys about me slacking a little bit on the writing process ( i like to be honest with you guys ).
But as i slack on the writing process i am committing evin more  time in my other projects like writers gone gaming / writers gone gaming magazine, frame working my other novels  and  doing research for ISolation as that is still my first priority.
I have gotten caught up in some frantic binge gaming but lets just put that in the category  ” research for writers gone gaming ” .
The Fiance does not agree with this and  has also told me to just  start writing again, and i really need to  yet i am happy that i havent as it might have saved me allot of re-writing.
As you might or might not know i was stuck on a bit of the story  in Cyprus involving Shakolas tower.
I have finally found a source that could  walk me trough  some ins and outs of the building and had some very viable and amazing information.
This source will also go trough my writing in the upcoming beta  chapters to see if everything adds up  as he is a  person living in Nicosia Cyprus.
I am also teaming up with Elftheria Chrysochoou who will be writing game revieuws for   the writers gone gaming Magazine on Flipboard.
You might also know her as the  amazing greek girl that wrote  the review on the ISolation beta chapters.
I have also been working on some other musical endeavors  as i am currently working on a score for Patty van Delft her novel Dragan Duma so she has a nice piece of music as a promotional piece.
I also soon might be working with Maurice The Kid  the infamous rapper from the Voice Kids Holland  as we might be collaborating as i do some management  and being a producer for him,  it is all in the works and hope it works out.
The kid is a Genius and i would love to work with him on different levels
check out his  music video for  simply whack

I have also been dabbling with  Mac osx El Capitan and some of the features have doubled my  productivity and i hope it might also double the work  of some of our other favorite writers.
i love to work with the new split screen feature as it allows me to work geographical features while i am writing at the same time, or have my notes handy while i write at the same time

El Capitan doubeling my productivity
El Capitan doubeling my productivity

I am almost done with these last chapters and then  i will send them to my editor so you will have the last beta chapters very soon as she works amazingly fast and efficient.
glad to keep you al updated and  i will talk to you soon.






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