Writers Gone Gaming almost a fact, ISolation Update, how to stop the music

Good afternoon Aengels,

I wanted to share with you  how Emily Lin worked on the amazing Writers Gone Gaming banner.
I made a gif time laps of all the drawings that she sent me trough the process. 

In the mean time i have also received my  VOG so i am only a couple of steps away from  being a full fledged member of the Dutch Airsoft Association.
and i also managed to find someone that can  provide me with the  information about Shakolas Tower that i have been looking for for the last couple of weeks.
There is also an historical day  just around the corner which is the 5th of March, this will be the day where Patty , Jeffrey and me will meet hang out and talk some writers gone gaming  and  more author’s awesomeness.
And to all the people that are getting annoyed with the song that is attached to the website there is a play button  in the left down corner where you can stop it from playing.
I have also started composing a  Dragan Duma Theme song because a book that epic is in dire need of its own theme song.
ISolation is comming along great and the last beta chapters are on their way,
and as soon as i get my NABV membership card the teazer trailer will also be on its way towards you guys stay tuned for  allot of Writers Gone Gaming madness  and some amazing updates.
Also dont be shy and have a little look at the Writers Gone Gaming magazine on the left  where  we will keep you up to date with amazing updates  about  upcoming books , events , games and evolvements in these amazing industries.





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