Promotional Hair , Gaming , and ISolation update

Dear Aengels ,

Have you ever had that feeling when you hairs stands on end, maybe because you are reading a good book.
Well my hair stood on end  for literature and it has been for a week now.
Why do you ask? because i had  a design shaved into the side of my hair.
It is a quill to represent writers from all over the globe that are proud at what they do.
Wich got me thinking maybe i could rent out my  head as a billboard to promote these writers!
Would there even be a market for that? maybe i should test the waters and
promote one of my friends books, or maybe my own ?
well we will have to figure that one out in 2016.
I have also been a little bit less productive in the writing process as i am still in research fase of Ledra street in Cyprus for Isolation and i am also trying to get the  third beta chapter to you guys ASAP.
Also am i trying to re-adjust the balance between my fulltime job, being a father and a writer in 2016.
Which is still quite hard, also because i have recently purchased Fall out 4 and have been hanging out more with the amazing writer Patty Van Delft and speaking more with Jeffrey Debris whom are both writers who write under the flag of Celtica Publishing
And i’m working on some promotional stuff so stay tuned.

Ps. Jeffrey and me have been discussing games and  the possibilities to platform this trough twitch to start a community of writers that like to game  it would be a very interesting  and interactive way for gaming writers to  connect with their readers do Q & A’s and stuff like that  so that is also something that we have been working on.

a tribute to writers all across the globe contributing to literature's future and history
a tribute to writers all across the globe contributing to literature’s future and history

for more information on the work of these writers and their amazing publisher visit Celtica’s official website






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