My resolutions for 2016 and check out Jeffrey Debris

Dear Aengels,

Have you worked out your resolutions for 2016 ?
I have, my resolutions for 2016 involved the goals that i have set  for me to achieve

It is not like my standard every year resolutions list:
1 quit smoking
2 Have fun
3 Save money

This year i wish to achieve allot  of progress on my upcoming novel ISolation, and maybe even finish it this year  as well.
While doing this i hope to define myself as a writer and figure out somethings about me as a writer as i do this.
If everything  goes well, then i can spend the year of 2017  trying to get it published.
One of my other  resolutions is to read more books  this resolution was inspired by a fellow author/gamer and Facebook friend Jeffrey Debris if you wish to check out his work or blog i  highly recommend his blog on for amazing content.
My other resolutions consist out of  laying the foundation for the future of my Family and achieve everything i have set in a  5 year plan, which involves buying a house, unlocking the achievement to becoming a father for the second time and get married.
I also will continue on doing random acts of kindness as i am a strong believer of the universe and karma and  a little bit of good karma ain’t hurt nobody.
I will also  try and become a certified Dragan Duma ambassador   by promoting the series everywhere i get a chance.
I can also not wait for  the english translations to be done so i can start going crazy on promoting the amazing YA Trilogy written by my dear friend Patty Van Delft.

so what are you new years resolutions ? i hope to bring you new updates and new content in the form of  a beta chapter 3  really soon so stay tuned

ps. i have also started frame working another novel by the name of Digital Footprint, so you have not heard from me in a couple of days for a reason!




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