Working on charachter portraits and research

Dear Aengels,

First of all i want to wish you all a  good 2016, hope you all had a good new years eve.
I have been doing allot of  research for the upcoming chapters for ISolation, and i have found some true gems during my research.
i truly  love doing  research for this novel  and learning even more stuff i did not know  like stuff relating to project mockingbird and operation Northwoods.
this stuff blows my mind, i really don’t understand how people can just still just blindly trust their governments.
but i have some interesting stuff  to work with  and amaze you guys and girls with.

I also wanted you to meet a new character i have been designing hope you enjoy

Carlyle Carmichael
Blood type: AB
Birthplace: unknown
Birthdate: 13-03-1972
Place of residency: Washington DC

Carlyle Carmichael is the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
as a infant he happens to been abandoned on the doorstep of a CIA Black site and found and raised by Superintendent Lyle Carmichael and his wife Caroline Hoffman.
He is raised within the intelligence agency which inspires him to become CIA Director which has always been his life goal.
from a young age he is obsessed with black ops and shadow operations like project Mockingbird and Operation Northwood,
he works closely with DARPA on the development of Project Grey Matter which is a combination of Mk-ultra ,Project Mockingbird and, Operation Northwood



Hope to update you soon  and have the new beta chapter out soon




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