x-mas break down and on to the new year

Dear Aengels,

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas time.
On first christmas day my family came over and we had a grand dinner at my house.
I stuffed three chickens and made some gratin and quisillo (flan), the fiance made some salads and we had a lovely day.
On second christmas day the fiancé the munchkin and me went to my sister in law where we also indulged in amazing foods until the munchkin got tired and we decided to go home early.
The third day of christmas i rode my bicycle to Delft where i visited the first edition of Otaku Con a small yet very enjoyable and amazing  anime convention.
Where i spend the entire day promoting Patty Van Delft her Dragan Duma novels.
I also had the joy to meat one of Patty’s fans that flipped a lid when she saw the Dragan Duma flyer, i also spend some time promoting ISolation and the people i spoke where quite interested in it and wished me luck on my journey to completing the Novel.

i am going to spend the last days i have in 2015 doing the research that i need for the coming chapters while i work on the framework journal.
Hopefully i can pick up the writing from januari 2016 as i have set the goal to finish the book by 2017 before my 30th birthday

i will share some pictures with you of  Otakucon

Sqeekers stand in collaboration with Thissy
Dragan Duma <3
Yoica holding Dragan Duma flyers


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