Beneath the ink the future of the E-book era

Dear Aengels,

It has been a while, the writing of “ISolation” is going very well and i am very pleased with my writing process, research, frame-working and character portraits.
I am also right now in the process of making a framework journal, which is basically my black book and guideline for when a zombie apocalypse takes out the grid and destroys the digital back ups of my research and everything listed above.
The frame-work journal might or might not  later on be published as a add on or extra  to the hardcore ISolation fanbase  that will have a physical copy of the novel.
what brings me to the topic of the day
The digital e-book version of Isolation is something what i have been thinking about allot, ever since the early frame working before i started  the writing proces.
I have always wanted to get it published traditionally  but there is always that chance of  it not getting picked up by a publishing house due to many factors.

But in that worst case scenario i already have a “Plan B” in place to know what the course of actions will be in that doomsday scenario to exfiltrate the manuscript to a secure location.
That secure location is where i think  the future of  self-publishing and digital versions of books ( E-Books )  lie and that  location lies Beneath the ink.

Beneath the ink is a company that is a american based company that lets you create more engaging and effective content trough “Binks” binks are a way to embed media into your digital book.
Imagine reading about a  existing or fictional place, building or person or anything related to the story, and as a reader being abled to  delve deeper  into the content by  photos, video, audio clips, maps, diagrams, definitions and more into any word or phrase by just simply clicking the bink.
By clicking the bink you get the extra information that the author wants you to have.
And it will make reading a more submersible experience.
If you are a serious writer  published or unpublished and you want to give you reader base  just that little more, you can now let them know what lies Beneath the ink.

check them out at beneath the ink’s official website







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