An early christmas present from Patty Van Delft to her followers

I woke up this morning and the first thing i did was  chek out .
As  patty had told me she was working on a story for her website, not realizing  that she meant she was working on a short story.
I had previously read her amazing Young Adult Fiction novel Drägan Duma
the first instalment of her trilogy which i would recommend you to read if you are a fan of the genre.
It was my first time realy embarking head first into a dutch written novel and i thoroughly  enjoyed it.
While visiting her website i came to the conclusion that  Christmas  has  come early this year  as she surprises us with a short story she wrote from Jaccos Perspective, one of the characters of the Drägan Duma Series.
I warn you beforehand as it might contain spoilers to the first instalment Drägan Duma “she who listens”.
The short story is also  like her two other novels still in dutch, but fear not my English readers as her novels are currently in the process of getting translated to english.
So if you have not yet read her first novel i recommend you to read it first before embarking on this new short story.
I wish you all a good day  and you will hear from me soon, i would direct you guys to Patty her official website  for everything that Patty Van Delft has to offer  and also the cute little presentation of the short story.
But for all the people that cant wait to just dive in head first and read it
patty her short story Jaccos verhaal Enjoy




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